How to be Smart & Cautious when using Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated and can be overwhelming and sometimes even harmful if used incorrectly. If you are new to essential oils or just aren’t sure if you are using them 100% safely, then this guide is for you!

General Guidelines to follow:
-When introducing a new oil to yourself or a loved one, start with HEAVY dilution with your preferred carrier oil. You can always add more Essential Oil once you know that there won’t be an allergic/negative reaction.
-If a reaction does occur, use a fatty oil, such as a cooking oil (vegetable, corn, etc.) to rub off the Essential Oil. Do NOT use water. This will just drive the essential oil further into the cells.
-Do your research on the Essential Oil you are using. They are all different and are recommended for different uses. Some are best used aromatic, while others can be applied neat to the skin, and some are not appropriate for children. Educate yourself on the oil you are using so that you know how much to dilute and the proper usage techniques.

Using Essential Oils on Animals:
-Animals are more sensitive to essential oils than we are. It does depend on the species, and of course every animal is different. Horse are about as equally sensitive as humans but every other animal is generally much more sensitive so as a general rule of thumb, go into it thinking that they will be much more sensitive than yourself.
-Cats & Essential Oils do not mix. They’re livers cannot properly metabolize the various compounds of the oils. I do not recommended using Essential Oils on cats, though it has been done before. If you insist, please do your research and figure out which oils may be safe and how much to dilute them.
-Because animals have a crazy amount of hair follicles, the oils tend to absorb better into their skin than our own, so even though they have a bunch of fur, the oils are still getting into their system’s just fine. A great way to apply oils to an animals is to actually rub it on them in a “petting motion” in the way that the fur lies.

Essential Oils with Children:
-Always dilute. Children’s skin is much thinner and more sensitive than an adults. Use your preferred carrier oil (avocado oil, fractionated coconut oil, grapseed oil, almond oil, etc.). A great place to apply oils is to the bottom of the feet where the skin is thicker.
-Use less. A small amount goes a long way. A great article to use as a guideline on how many drops of oil to use on children can be found here: https://doterra.com/US/en/blog/safety-physiology-recommended-ideal-amounts
-Play it safe and diffuse. Oils used aromatically are less likely to irritate. You can find a fun diffuser that lights up and changes colors for a decent price and the kids will love it!

2 thoughts on “How to be Smart & Cautious when using Essential Oils

  1. I will post this to FB as I have a few friends who seem to be interested in the oils and have liked the other re-posts. I am going to write a blog next week about a “all natural” fly spray that wrought havoc on my poor horse. The active ingredients were all “oils”. Happy New Year to you and all the best for 2017.

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