Common Essential Oils to Avoid with your Dog



We love essential oils!

If you are an avid oil user, you might already know that Essential Oils are highly concentrated and can be overwhelming if not used properly. If you are new to oils, you are probably wondering why? Essential oils are supposed to be so good for you, yet they can do you harm? Well, the reasoning is because Essential oils are EXTREMELY concentrated, highly potent, and can be way too strong for some more sensitive users so we must be careful and educate ourselves about which oils we need to use with caution.



Now we as a human race have been using essential oils for years and years and years, dating back to the Ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and other cultures around the world. However, I would say that using essential oils on our pets is a newer venture, hence the reason for writing this article. I have a friend who is dipping her toes into essential oils, especially for her dog who has respiratory troubles all throughout the year. Animals are more sensitive to oils than we are so we must be educated on which we can use and which can be harmful!


*First off!* Dogs are all around more sensitive to oils than we are, no matter the oil, so please heavily dilute each oil you first introduce to your dog. You can always add more as you progress. If your dog does have a bad reaction, DO NOT use water to ‘wash’ away the oil. The water only helps to drive the oil further into the cells. Instead, use a fatty oil, like vegetable or olive oil, that you have laying around to wipe it off.

Debate about Melaleuca
You will find through your research that Melaleuca is typically on that “avoid these at all costs!” list, however I use it on my animals quite often and I believe as long as you dilute enough, it will be okay. You can even start with just ONE drop of Melaleuca (still diluted of course with your preferred carrier oil) and go from there. Just use common sense & caution – pay attention if your dog is telling you they do not like the oil (head tossing, sneezing, trying to ‘rub’ oil off, etc.)

List to Avoid
1. Wintergreen
2. T
3. Clove
4. C
5. Camphor
6. O

Please use caution and do your research before using Essential Oils on your pets. Your four legged friends will thank you!


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