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When the inevitable happens…Falling off.

In the world of horses, we all know that falling off one way or another is bound to happen eventually. And to those of us who ride the younger horses, it tends to happen a bit more often. I had a bit of a spill on Sunday. Still alive and nothings broken but a bit banged up that’s for sure. I got bucked off and then proceeded to slide off the side of my horse, where my leg got stomped on as I hit the ground. My lower leg has turned a shade of blue and purple and is quite swollen. As soon as I got home I started picking my brain for oils that I knew would assist in my healing. I carefully scanned through my collection and decided on Frankincense, Eucalyptus, Marjoram, and Deep Blue.

How I used the oils to soothe my muscles and joints…
Although I don’t think any major bones were affected, the injury is just above my ankle so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to treat my ankle joint as if it had been hurt. The swelling is from the bottom of my ankle to the middle of my calf. The first thing I did was draw a bath. In my bath I used Epsom salt, marjoram, and eucalyptus. I soaked for probably a good hour. Then I proceeded to lay down on the couch. I rubbed on a few drops of Deep Blue and the soothing relief of this oil was almost instant. As I was on the couch I diffused Marjoram and Frankincense. I am repeating this process and applying Deep Blue regularly.

About the oils I chose…



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