Oil Spotlights

Oil Spotlight: Marjoram


Marjoram is a new oil to me and I am kicking myself for not using it sooner! With the horses, I am always looking for calming oils since I find that essential oils are a great cure to the anxiety that effects a large majority of equines. Horses are prey animals and are naturally fearful and many simple factors can elevate this anxious, reactive mindset. A horse who sniffs the offered essential oil with the left nostril first signals that they are attempting to nurture an emotional issue whereas if they sniff with the right nostril first then that can indicate a physical issue.

So, what are the major benefits of Marjoram?
First of all… calming!! Like I said, always a benefit for the horses and I know I will be mixing this will Frankincense and Lavender to create an Ultra-Calming Serum. 

Ultra Calming Recipe: Place a 1-2 drops of each oil (lavender, frankincense, and marjoram)  in a mixture of your choice of carrier oil (Mine would probably be fractionated coconut oil) in a small roller bottle and apply to your horse’s nose, forehead, poll, along his neck near the mane, or along the spine. You can add more oils as needed but be sure not too add too many and detoxify your horse!! 

Another benefit is it’s positive effect on the nervous system and muscles. A great oil to use for a massage to sooth sore, aching muscles and joints. If you have nerve damage, mix Marjoram and your preferred carrier oil and rub directly in the affected area. 

Feeling a cold coming on? Grab the Marjoram!! Its wonderful to use when you’re feeling under the weather since its since it will help to strengthen your immune system. I will be sure to use this in my diffuser on a day where I’m not feeling 100%.

Have you used this oil on your horse?     I would love to hear stories about how Marjoram has helped your horse be it’s happiest, healthiest self! ❤🐴

Happy December!
-Heather ❤

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