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All about Carrier Oils

Carrier oils are called such because they ‘carry’ the oil to the skin. They are used to dilute the powerful essential oils that we love so much. Most essential oils are overwhelming in their pure form, especially to animals!! They are more sensitive than we are. Cats especially are extremely sensitive to oils and the owner should be very cautious before using any oils on their feline friend. These oils also hold many beneficial qualities such as a skin moisturizer, high in vitamin/mineral count, and much more depending on what type of oil you use!dilution-chart

Common Carrier Oils
Olive Oil – heavy, strong odor, good for your hair, high in vitamins and minerals.
Jojoba – slightly expensive, great for your skin, odorless.
Coconut – light, fairly odorless, great for your skin and hair, leaves no residue. will melt above 76 degrees
Almond – great for beauty and cooking, slightly oily, soothes skin.
Grapeseed – almost odorless, great for sensitive skin.


 Why bother with carrier oils???
Plenty of reason!! Essential oils are extremely potent and many can actual irritate without dilution. This allows you to use these strong oils on sensitive skin, or children, or animals (who are more sensitive than we are!!) Its also a money saver, which nobody can complain about right!? Many people use too much oil when using their essential oils and you can make it go a lot further if you dilute properly. The carrier oil also allows the essential oil to spread over more of the body, which is great for a relaxing massage.

**Quick tip**
If someone uses an oil and has a negative/allergic reaction, DO NOT use water to wash away the oil!! The water will only drive the oil further into the skin. Instead use a carrier oil, any you can find, vegetable oil being usually convenient and cheap, and get the oil off with that.

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