5 oils to use daily for your horse

Essential oils and horses go great together!! Here are some easy ways to use Essential Oils daily to improve the health and happiness of your beloved equine partner.

#1 Peppermint
Put 1-2 drops of peppermint oil in your hand. Rub oil all over the bars of your bit. Horses absolutely love the taste of the peppermint oil and should accept the bit with no hesitation. It also promotes focus before a ride and helps to prevent ulcers!

#2 Lavender
Lavender and horses are two peas in a pod. Grab your open lavender bottle and offer it to your horse to smell. He should be intrigued and want to smell with both nostrils. Remember, smelling more with the left nostril tells you he is treating an emotional issue whereas smelling prominently with the right signals to a physical issue. A horse who is extremely fond of the oil will attempt to grab the bottle with his lip and its great to place 1 drop in the palm of your hand and allow him to lick it up. It is also beneficial to take 1-2 drops and softly rub the oil in the middle of his head (third eye), at the top of his poll, along the crest of his neck, or along his spine. Doing this before a ride will relax your horse so that you can focus on working without any fear of an explosive spook.

#3 Melaleuca
Melaleuca (tea tree) is a great anti-fungal. It will help with any sort of fungus that you come across with your horse. I use it daily though in my body shine spray. Right now I am using a cowboy magic body shine spray and just added some drops to that, but when that runs out I hope to make my own out of essential oils and a dilution oil such as coconut oil or jojoba oil so that it is all natural. The number of drops to add depends on the ounces in your spray bottle so do some research and make sure you do the proper dilution.

#4 Deep Blue
Deep blue is an amazing blend that DoTERRA offers made up of oils that all sooth and relieve aching muscles and pains. Dilute Deep Blue into a small spray bottle with water, coconut oil, or another carrier oil and spray onto a past injury or weak spot in your horses anatomy after a workout. My gelding has a past injury on his left hind cannon that I am going to begin spraying Deep Blue on after every ride.

#5 Frankincense
This oil does a variety of jobs. For a daily use, you can allow your horse to inhale the oil as he pleases, just as we talked about with the lavender oil. This is a great daily mood balancer and will help fight any depression, stress, or emotional issues that your horse is holding onto. It will also calm and relax, leaving the body feeling loose and ready for a great ride. Lastly, very handy to have around for any wounds. Mix with a coconut oil base and apply to any scraps, cuts, etc. to promote fast healing!


Happy trails, enjoy your oils everyone!
-H 🙂

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