Oil Spotlights

Oil Spotlight: Wild Orange!

Wild orange has been one of my favorite oils lately. I haven’t used it much on the horses, so in this post most of what I’ll be talking about is just using the oil in home. Wild orange has an amazing, almost candy-like scent in my opinion, and its my newest addiction. Another great bonus is that it is one of the cheaper oils so I can use it like crazy and not worry about whether I can afford more or not. DoTerra states Wild Orange’s main benefits as: powerful cleanser and purifying agent, protects against seasonal and environmental threats, provides antioxidants, which are essential to overall health, and it’s uplifting to the mind and body.


Wild orange is almost always in my diffuser. Right now I’ve been mixing Wild Orange, Lemon, On Guard, and Frankincense and it is a wonderful combination! So uplifting and extremely cleansing. Speaking of cleansing, it is great as a cleaning product. I like to mix diluted castile soap, On Guard, Lemon, and Wild Orange in a spray bottle as a multi-surface cleaner. A funny story – just the other day I went out and bought some pine-sol and as soon as I got home I was kicking myself as I stared at my oils and thought, ‘I should have just made a floor cleaner with these.’ You live and you learn right!?! You can also clean and polish wood with it. I put a glob of coconut oil on a microfiber towel and put a couple drops of Wild Orange on my wood surface(usually my coffee table, for which I put about 4 drops) and spread it all around. My last favorite use for Wild Orange is in a small spray bottle as a perfume. I fill a 1 oz spray bottle with water and then add drops of peppermint and wild orange. It smells great and those oils together are great for waking you up in the morning and focusing your mind. It is a great way to start the day and a much better, all natural alternative to perfume!

wild orangee

As far as horses go, I think that Wild Orange would benefit an emotional horse who suffers from anxiety, depression, stress, fear, or nervousness. I would allow the horse to smell the oil and offer them to lick it off your hand since it is fine for them to ingest. It would also be beneficial to rub it in the middle of their forehead (third eye), the poll, and the top of the neck near the mane. It is also known for curing fungus, so could be beneficial to use on a horse who has ringworm, or rain rot, or just a fungus on their face/legs from sweat.

Do you love Wild Orange? Tell me in the comments your favorite use for the oil! 🙂


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