Skin Beautifying Magic

I have a new product everyone!! I just put together the recipe and will hopefully put it into action and have it available for purchase this weekend. As the title states, it is Skin Beautifying Magic!!! For anyone who has blemishes, acne, dull skin, etc., this formula will create a whole new you. I get compliments on my skin all the time and when asked what my secret is I say Coconut Oil and Tea Tree Oil. I use them both on my face every night. So I put together this recipe based off of what I’ve been doing for years. Except now that I have a whole plethora of Essential Oils, I also added Lavender and Frankincense. They are both well known for their healing properties. Lavender is also a great relaxer to help you fall asleep at night so I’m recommending you to put this on your face after you wash it before bed at night. Not only will this help you overcome any facial skin issues you may be struggling with but will also help ease you into sleep after a long, stressful day. Frankincense is also an anti-cancer oil so will help prevent against skin cancer that we are susceptible to while being out in the sunshine which is inevitable with summer on its way!

Keep a lookout for this Skin Beautifying Magic in my etsy shop. Plan is to have an active listing by Sunday.

Happy Friday all, enjoy your memorial weekend 🙂




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