Coconut oil VS the Heat

Its been heating up pretty well here over the last week in Colorado (YAY!). While I have been enjoying the higher temperatures, being able to wear a sundress, and soaking in the Vitamin D, I did wake up one morning to my apartment being 78 degrees!! One of the first things I noticed was how my bit butters had turned to liquid. Coconut oil melts at 76 degrees. I placed it in my fridge to re-solidify and all was well…but my thoughts instantly turn to my customers. I know that at a barn, you don’t always have a cool, shady spot. If its 110 degrees outside, even the coolest spot in your barn may be over 76 degrees!! Or if your at a show, you obviously have to deal with whatever the temperature may be, and that temperature could be scorching in the tack room of the horse trailer! So I was obviously concerned.

Then I noticed that the only thing that didn’t melt was my Bug Off salve… because it has beeswax! So, in order for the coconut oil to conquer the heat, I am going to start adding just a tiny amount of beeswax to my bit butters to help them keep their consistency. This business is a journey and I am definitely learning something new every day. I found this great article about using beeswax with coconut oil to make a salve. It is very informative and I’d love to share with everyone. Check it out here:

I will be posting a new listing within the week with the new and improved recipe at my shop and don’t worry, the price should hardly increase. For those of you who can guarantee having a cool place for the bit butter, I would recommend buying the ones without the beeswax, since they will be slightly cheaper.

Check those out here:


Happy Monday all!




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