Wound Rub for Milo

Milo is my boyfriend’s adorable little mutt. Ever since we’ve had him, he has had chronic itching. We’ve replaced his food with expensive grain-free food and give him a scoop of coconut oil in his food every day. While this has helped drastically, he still itches and every now and then will actually break skin. About a month ago he managed to get a pretty good open wound right above his ear. It scabs over every night and then he just itches that right off and makes it bleed again.

Finally I came up with a solution – essential oils of course! I took coconut oil, frankincense, melaleuca, and lavender (All have amazing healing properties) and mixed it all together. I’ve been applying this rub about twice a day and FINALLY the wound is starting to completely heal and he is no longer ripping it open every day. I’ve been applying it consistently for about 3 days and it is almost fully healed. Yay!


Happy Friday everyone,
Heather ❤



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