My Anti-Inflammatory Serum

So I finally got some products up in the shop!! Check those out here:

Anywho, this post is about one of those products, my anti-inflammatory serum! This consists of fractionated coconut oil, deep blue doterra blend, and peppermint oil. Deep blue is an amazing blend that doTERRA has put together to help with muscle and joint soreness, stiffness, and pain. This is the perfect all natural version of ‘IcyHot’. After a long days work cleaning stalls, my shoulders will be absolutely killing me. I take a drop of this and massage it in where the pain is the worst and after a couple of minutes the pain has started to disappear and a calming, soothing tingle of mint takes over.

I decided to add a few extra drops of peppermint to my serum because peppermint is an amazing natural muscle relaxer, pain killer, and joint pain relief. Its a “HOT” oil and cools on contact. Because of this strong, “HOT” sensation, please be careful when applying this oil, especially to those who are more sensitive. AVOID EYES. While coconut oil and peppermint are fine for you to ingest, Deep Blue is not so please only use topically.

Here is a cool video about using deep blue on horses:

While I am offering mine in a dropper, I love her idea of the spray bottle and think that may be easier for users. You can directly transfer my serum into a sprayer bottle. I may decided to purchase some sprayers to offer this in, please comment and let me know if you would rather purchase that and I will be sure to get on it 🙂

If you are interested in purchasing, you can do so here:

Any questions, please feel free to ask!!
If you have a great experience with Deep Blue, I would love to hear in the comments.

Thanks all!! ❤

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