Sneak peek on Coming Soon Products!

Hooray, I finally received my shipment of jars today so I can finally put together a couple of essential oil products for pony pals. Here is what you will see in my etsy shop by the end of the week (fingers crossed!)

Lavender Bit Butter
My lavender bit butter was created to help soothe and nourish the sensitive skin of your horse’s mouth where the bit rubs. Without using anything to lubricate the area where the bit rubs, your horse can develop sores or cracks in their skin, creating a very uncomfortable situation where the horse associates the bit with pain. Through my riding career I’ve found that most people use Vaseline for this, however my Lavender Bit Butter is 100% ALL NATURAL and has a calming, relaxing effect from the Lavender Essential Oil. Not only are you making your bit comfortable for your horse but they are also benefiting from the Essential Oil which they will inhale as well as absorb into their skin. Lavender Oil is well known for its soothing and healing properties when it comes to skin care.
How to Use: Apply graciously to the corners of your horse’s mouth before every ride. You can also place some directly onto the bit to encourage acceptance. They should prefer this taste to cold metal. Don’t worry, this product will not hurt your horse if ingested, every ingredient is 100% natural.

Easy as that and an amazing product that will help to calm a hot, anxious horse as well as provide a nourishing “lotion- like” moisture to your horse’s skin.

This product will come in 3.75oz. glass jar. Cost is to be determined.

“Show Calm” Serum
This serum is specifically designed to help an extremely hot, anxious horse either before a training lesson or any temperament of horse before entering the show ring (because we all know even the sweetest little guy can turn into a wild beast the day of a show with all of the commotion). This is a highly concentrated blend of Fractionated Coconut Oil, Lavender, and Frankincense. Lavender is most commonly associated with its ability to calm, soothe and relax. This oil can literally put you to sleep is you use too much! Frankincense is also known to ease any anxiety so the two together create a perfect blend of tranquility to help your equine focus more on you and less on any emotional worries they may be carrying or encounter on your ride.
How to Use: (PLEASE READ!!!: Since this serum is fairly concentrated, be sure you do a test on your horse before you apply. If your horse seems sensitive to the serum please dilute further with your choice of carrier oil. Let me know if you aren’t sure how to tell if your horse is sensitive or not and I will happily help you out by answering questions and giving guidance.) Apply this serum 1 drop at a time. You can apply anywhere on your horse but the best spots (each horse varies) may be along the spine, the middle of the forehead, near the nostrils, along the neck, or on the top of the hindquarters. You can massage the oil in or just rub it in lightly. As stated before, be careful with your usage, and start with just 1 or 2 drops on a horse who has never experienced the serum before. You can always add more but it is much more difficult to take away! A great tip: Do NOT use water to wash away an oil that you think may be too strong, this will work as a “driver” and actually allow your horse to absorb the oil faster. Use a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, olive oil, etc. If your horse is fond of the blend, it can be beneficial to allow them to sniff the oil with each nostril and they may even ingest a very small amount. If they would like to ingest it, I would put 1 drop on your palm, rub it in just slightly, then offer it to them and allow them to lick up the remainder.

This product will come in a 1/2 oz glass dropper bottle. Price is to be determined.


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