Frankincense and Your Horse

Frankincense is the liquid gold of essential oils. This oil has so many benefits, one of the most valuable being its anti-cancer qualities! It also helps with the respiratory system, depression, wounds, skin care, healthy immune system, and the list goes on and on. For your horse, Frankincense is a great remedy for skin conditions such as: tumors, warts, scar tissue, itchy skin, insect bites, cysts. It can also be beneficial to calm and relieve anxiety before a show. Keep a bottle on you before your big moment and give your horse an oil treatment of Frankincense before you enter the arena. It is great to allow your horse to inhale the oil, administer it orally, or use it during a message.

When I mention “giving them a treatment”, what that means to me is holding the bottle of the single oil in your hand. Approach the horse and spike their interest in the oil. Every horse varies with each oil. Your horse may love Lavender and despise Frankincense. Just let your horse smell the oil from the bottle on their own, do not force anything and create a bad experience for them. They should sniff with one nostril and then with the other, to allow the oil to access both sides of their brain. A very interested horse may want to ingest it, which is fine as long as the oil can be taken internally.

Here is a good way to know how much interest your horse has in a specific oil:
Interested: If he smells the oils intently for a long time, the lip curls, follows the aroma around, if you are showing him the bottle he may try to nibble at it.  When this level of interest is shown you can offer the essential oils at least twice a day to the horse for the aromatherapy benefit.
Signs of a moderate interest: A few sniffs, looks away then returns to the scent, ears forward, slightly flared nostrils, easily distracted. Offer oils once a day.
No interest: Turns away from the aroma, ears back, walks away. Do not apply the oils.


Frankincense, as mentioned before, is also great for wounds and mixed with coconut oil can be turned into a great wound salve that will heal faster and leave less of a scar afterwards. Tea tree oil, or Melaleuca is also a great oil for that.

I would love to hear any stories of how Frankincense has helped you and/or your horse! Leave a comment below 🙂 ❤



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