Oil Spotlights

Oil Spotlight: doTERRA Deep Blue

Deep blue is a new oil for me. I received it in my Family Physician Kit that I ordered with my enrollment with doTERRA. Upon opening it, my nostrils were filled with the soothing, yummy smell similar to spearmint which would make sense since the first ingredient listed is Wintergreen Leaf Oil. I enjoy the smell of this oil over Peppermint. It smells like a freshly opened pack of gum…yummy!


*Pictured above: For those of you who don’t know yet, the T stands for topical and the S stands for sensitive. Only use this oil topically, do not ingest or use aromatically. The S means that it can cause irritation, so dilute on sensitive skin.

This oil was designed specifically to aid in soothing sore muscles. Use pre or post workout on sore joints or muscles. I worked a long day at the barn today and came home to rub just a drop of this on my shoulders and it was extremely enjoyable. You can also mix with a carrier oil (Fractioned coconut oil for example) and use as a massage lubricant. I do recommend that you dilute this oil since it may cause irritation on sensitive skin.


Today the horse that I ride at the barn, Coyote, was showing signs of extreme muscle soreness on his back next to his spine. From what I understand, he was apart of a birthday party this last weekend and may have had some bouncing kids irritating his muscles. I made a Muscle Rub today with Deep Blue that I plan to rub on his back tomorrow and hope it helps to ease his soreness. I will post a follow-up tomorrow letting you all know how it goes.

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